Aaron Taylor Kuffner

Aaron Taylor Kuffner is an American born conceptual artist, based in New York. Kuffner’s dynamic work reaches far outside conventional forms of representation: it actively engages its audience and pushes art to serve society. His pieces often take the form of multi-year projects that require in depth research, collaboration with field experts and the development of new specialized skill sets. Each project provides unique conceptual tools that further the evolution of consciousness through the experience of beauty and the sublime.

Kuffner immersed himself into the study of the Gamelan instrument whilst residing for a few years in Java and Bali. His exceptional interest towards the instrument and the way it portrays aspects of the east resulted in his indulgence of the art as he conceptualize it into modern contemporary. Kuffner expresses the harmony and tension between the east and west through the contextualization of the technological and mechanical work induced into the traditional instrument. Through Kuffner's sculptures, he narrates a story of globalization and modernization.

Highly influenced by the east, his sculptures can be seen throughout private and public spaces, museums, retreat spas, educational institutions, cultural insititutions and exceptional events. He see's his body of work as 'an offering to the observer.'

Kuffner recieved many remarkable awards for The Gamelatron Project which includes: The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts(through the Clocktower gallery), The Trust For Mutual Understanding, Caramoor Center for Music and The Arts and many more. He has exhibited his works throughout the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Irland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Indonesia in the last 6 years. 


The Gamelatron Empat Bunga (Four Flowers)
The Gamelatron Burung Anis Merah
58hz Merah Emas
59.5hz Dua Burung
Bunganya Dewa
Lengkung Riak
Lingkaran Kenong
Gamelatron Kasih