A.C Andre Tanama

Born in Yogyakarta on March 28th, 1982, Andre Tanama is the Indonesian graphic printmaker, who is also a painter and sculptor; he has created two distinctive characters to fill his works. In an addition to his character, Wayang Monyong, he has also created a figure of a little girl that is named as “Gwen Silent”.

In the early phases for the themes of his artworks, Andre often works with religious themes, particularly related to the stories of Jesus' crucifixion and misery. In this phase, Andre was looking for icons or metaphors that can deliver a profound psychological trauma to the audience.

He experimented with the deformations of human head as a representation towards his own anxiety. It was then, that he became inspired by the personalities of his seniors, that you have no need for communication, but focused instead on the reality of the situation.

His character, Gwen Silent, is often portrayed as a closed-eye individual with no mouth, representing a symbolic meaning of the Planet Earth silently accepted humanity’s treatment. 


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