Djoko Pekik

Born in 2 January 1937 at Grobogan, Purwodadi, Central Java, Djoko Pekik is one of Indonesia’s prestigious and renowned painter, famously known in the New Order era. His participation in a painting exhibition at America makes him a controversial figure as a political prisoner of the New Order.

The controversy brought Djoko Pekik to fame in Indonesia, because many magazines and newspapers had covered his exhibition at America. This has an impact on the number of collectors who started chasing his works. The collectors describe the paintings from Djoko Pekik to be able to explicitly describe the profanity into the canvas, outpouring the memories of the past into a form itself. Pekik’s paintings is known to be unique in every work, the collector believes that his epitome is always different in his paintings.

Djoko Pekik’s paintings are an outcry against the confines of the New Order and a form of protest against social conditions he had experienced. During his life, Djoko Pekik had produced approximately 300 artworks.


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