Irfan Hendrian

Irfan Hendrian is currently based in Bandung, Indonesia. He studied at LASALLE, Singapore majoring in Visual Communication Design, later furthering his studies at Wanganui School of Design, New Zealand majoring in print based graphic design, and he just recently completed his Masters in Fine Arts at the Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia.

He practices not only in art, but also in the graphic design and printing industry. He believes in the modernist idea of the designer and artist as an engineer. He is always fascinated by the simplicity of paper and yet holds a whole range of functions and forms. During his 7 years of practising with paper, he craved for a better and essential understanding of the material. His practice in packaging and bookbinding led him to think that paper is a strong material and protects the content inside it, thus transforming this so-called weak and fragile material into a strong and rigid material became his obsession. By observing and practising book production, he found multiple layers of paper can be stronger than plywood and remains tough under heavy and rough treatment.

Irfan Hendrian has had solo exhibitions at ViaVia Gallery in Jogjakarta (2012) and in Asbestos Artspace in Bandung (2011); and group shows in Jakarta Bienalle 14 (2011), Art Jog (2011), Galeri Titik Oranje in Bandung (2011), Art One in Jakarta (2012), S14 in Bandung (2012), Koong Gallery in Jakarta (2012), Selasar Sunaryo in Bandung (2013), Bazaar Art Jakarta (2013) and Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace in Jakarta (2014).


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