Ninus Anusapati

Anusapati is a sculpture artist. He is interested in art, especially sculpture, since high school. In 1983, Ninus, continues to study further in ISR of STSR ASRI. Then in 1988, Ninus built his own sculpting studio and learn the art of sculpture abroad.

During the early 1990s, Ninus started using natural materials such as bamboo and wood. Ninus greatly appreciates the objects of nature as a form of interest in ecological issues. The concept of his work follows in the form of natural, ecological, and social problems. His early work was originally started in 1992, titled as “Journey”.

During the running process of work, there are some works that gives him an inner satisfaction, ie “Object number 8”. The idea is taken from “kenthongan”, which emphasizes the elaboration of a form. This work became a favorite piece Ninus, as he often sends “Object number 8” to various exhibitions.

Until now, Ninus is noted as one of the administrators Sculptors Association of Indonesia (API) and served as the head of development and programs. API members is currently numbering 143 people, an indicator that the profession of sculptor is apparently quite sought-after. The awards that Anusapati had ever achieved, among others, are the best work ASRI (1993); Biennalle IX jakarta, (1996); Trienalle II Sculpture, (1997).


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