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    Jl. Anggrek 40F Cilandak Tengah, Jakarta Selatan, 12430

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Existing in a competitive market since 1985, BOBOS Design sets itself apart as being a design firm specializing in modern interior and furniture design.

It is determined to make a significant mark in the industry by bringing a different set of contemporary ideas which are simple, functional and have strong characters.

Its vision is to help its clients open their interior horizon and provide creative solution to their goals and objective.

Reza Wahyudi

Reza Wahyudi


Reza Wahyudi is the renowned interior designer and director of Bobos since 1985. His reliability in design is evidenced by achieving the first rank in Design Fellowship Competition National Home Fashion League in Miami (United States, 1983). In the same year, he also won the first place in Interior Design that was held in International Fine Arts College, in Miami.

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