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Since its establishment in 2006, KEZIA KARIN Interior Design & Stylist has been purposely structured as a studio style interior design firm. We believe that a good design is produced from a careful study of the project and is a combination between technical skill and artistic value. It is the responsibility of the designer to create various, stunning, and exciting design that meet the function and the project requirements. The design should evolve through the meticulous trait of each project. So every project is unique.

Our design approach is to learn the various desire lines of the client as well as the project. We’ve been working on various projects from Commercial, Private Residential and Hospitality. Design styles are avoided since they limit the options available, yet suppress exploration and creativity. Attention to detail, proportion, scale and compositions ensure the finished design is truly develops the potential within the projects itself. The Design Firm’s trademark attention to adventurous use of color and texture and multi-cultural and historical reference points are hallmarks of her eclectic style.

Kezia Karin

Kezia Karin

Creative Director

Came to Surabaya to study Interior Design in Petra Christian University in 2001, Karin found her way to stay in the city even after she graduated to pursue her passion and career in design. 

Building the company with a 2-person outfit, she started with residential projects in Surabaya. Karin firmly believes that quality is what counts. Her style and quality of work gradually attracted bigger projects, such as hotels, starting with 3 star to eventually 5 star hotels in Surabaya and Jakarta.

More than a decade later Kezia Karin Studio has been one of the most recognized design firm in Indonesia, and Karin oversees more than 20 creative forces in the studio.

Karin continues her never-ending process of learning - allowing her to transform into one of the most adventurous interior designers in our time. While partners and clients have revered her project results as "cutting edge" and "distinct", her works have also received accolades including features in several prominent publications. Therefore, as a strong unit of trendsetter in design, Karin and her team dedicate to deliver the unexpected, they constantly shift their design paradigms for each project, personalizing the result to shape people's life through design.

Project Showcase

Vasa Hotel
Maystar Restaurant
Steak Hut Manyar
Brava Casa Exhibition 2015
Tropical House
Padma Hotel Bandung
Equity Tower Corpus
Brava Casa Exhibition 2016