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    The Boulevard 8th Floor Suite D-1, Jl. Fachrudin Raya No.5, Jakarta Pusat, 10250, Indonesia

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We are design seekers, who appreciate excellence in design industry and recognize the local strengths and creative synergy among them. Vindate is eager to develop a string of concepts and direction for high quality designs and design solutions through genuine collaboration and intelligent local heritage design.

The people in Vindate are the design enthusiast, dedicated executives. We are embodied in the character of a dynamic management team. We are on the spirit to move forward the new level horizon of Indonesian Contemporary Iconic Design.

Hans Susantio

Hans Susantio

Director of Interior Design

Hans Susantio is the Interior Design Director of VINDATE, who relies on the concept of “a house should be a home”, in which that he designs according to the client’s ideal convenient home. With that principle in his mind, he conceptualizes a design for a home that is both comfortable and fulfilling for the client. Most of his designs are clean, simple and light to reflect his interior fundamentals.

Project Showcase

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Mayang Permai
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Residence 8 Senopati
Spring Hill
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