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Yes, in the event that you no longer want access to the most beautiful things in the world you can unsubscribe from email newsletters and close your account. Email us at [email protected] and simply request that your account be closed and we'll take care of it.


How do I shop at Indonesian Luxury?

Our items come from established Art Galleries, Artists, Art and Design stores throughout Indonesia as well as private sellers.
Click the "Purchase" button on the item detail page you are interested in and follow the steps in the checkout process. Once the dealer confirms the order, the item will be on its way to you.
An email will be sent to you when completing the purchase.
You can notify us of changes to or cancellations of an order within 24 hours of original order date. Unfortunately, we cannot accept changes or cancellation after 24 hours.
If you have an account, you can click the “Follow” button on the main storefront page of the Designer or a Brand you wish to follow. You can view the entire list of Designers and Brands you are following by clicking the "Moodboard" link on the top of the page. (You can stop following a Designer or a Brand by clicking the “Unfollow” option on their page or in your Moodboard).


Selling on Indonesian Luxury

To become a vendor on Indonesian Luxury, you need to create an account on the Professional Member's page or Private Sales page on the bottom of the page. You will then need to sign up through the form that we have provided and specify a description of what kind of seller you would like to be. If we approve your enquiry, you will receive a login details so you can choose your listing plan and fill in the form to start listing your products on Indonesian Luxury. Once submitted, we will review your products and publish them on our website.

Artists, Art Galleries, Furniture Designers, Furniture Brands, Furnishing Stores and Private Sellers can sell on Indonesia Luxury. However, as we only sell curated items, everybody and all items listed need to be approved by our experts. To be approved, all potential sellers can send us a brief description of who they are and the items that they want to sell before they can sell on our website.

Professionals' are for those who are already established in the industry such as artists, art galleries, architects, interior designers, established brands and Property Developers. Private Sales are a platform for collectors or individual sellers that will sell their private collections on Indonesian Luxury.

The amount of items you can sell on Indonesian Luxury depends on which listing plan you choose. Once you have been approved as a seller and given login details, you will be able to choose your listing plan which specifies the cost, amount of items you can list and the duration of your listing.

As a design professional, your contact information will appear on your Indonesian Luxury page. If an Indonesian Luxury user would like to use your services or send you an enquiry, they are able to do so by contacting you directly through your Indonesian Luxury page. You will then receive this message on your Indonesian Luxury MailBox and the email address you have used to signed up to our website.

The amount you pay depends on the listing plan you choose. Once you sign up and have been approved as a Professional Member, you will be able to choose the different types of listing plans we offer.



We currently ship in Indonesia only.

Shipping takes 10-14 days depending on your location or your agreement with the seller.

This information will be included in your order confirmation.

Please contact us at [email protected] and include your order number and details in the message 2 days after the expected delivery date.

White-Glove shippers are specialists called in for particularly complex shipping situations. Not only will they deliver your piece as safely and securely as possible, they will set it up exactly the way you want.

We recommend that all merchandise be inspected immediately upon receipt. Do not accept any shipment that shows damage. If you find damages on your purchased items, please take a photo of the damage and notify Indonesian Luxury within 24 hours of receipt of item to [email protected] and we will inform you of the procedure for filing a claim. Please retain all original packing materials and the damaged merchandise until you receive instructions.

If you would prefer other delivery methods or pick up your purchased items privately, you may contact the seller through the enquiry button on the seller's page.

You can view the current status of any online orders on the “Purchase History” page.

Sometimes. However, the shipments of your purchased items are being sent directly from your seller. If you purchase several items from the same dealer at the same time, you can contact the seller directly to arrange delivery on the same date.

You can contact the seller and arrange your delivery preference directly.

You can send an enquiry to the seller and arrange the best delivery method to your location.

This information will be included in your order confirmation.




A Moodboard is your personalized page on Indonesian Luxury. On this page, you can view the items you liked and your followed Art Galleries, Designers, Artists, Shops, etc.

Unfortunately, right now you cannot share your favorite items directly through your Moodboard. You can, however, download them as a PDF file.



Please email us at [email protected] and we will respond within two working days.