CARLO Showroom

  •   Jalan Danau Poso 22 Sanur.
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CARLO has been designing and making original furniture, interior fittings and accessories for over 25 years. The company is renowned for materials innovation. In the 1980s, founder and creative director Carlo Pessina pioneered the use of coconut shell in furniture design, starting an international trend and influencing a generation of designers. Today Pessina, a native of Italy's fashion capital Milan and long-term Bali resident, directs an international team of designers, craftspeople and project managers, who provide both professional and private clients a seamless journey from project concept to completion. Drawing on the innate beauty of coconut shell, mother-of-pearl, tree bark and other natural materials from Indonesia, CARLO is known for its daring contemporary furniture designs, and its elegant collections grace the world's most refined residences while attracting industry honors and awards.

Carlo Pessina

Carlo Pessina

Founder - President

Inspired by Bali’s creative energy, Milano born designer Carlo Pessina realised in the early 1980’s that there was an obvious gap in the market for superior handcrafted furniture. Passionate about the raw beauty of exotic local materials, he began experimenting with natural resources and went on to pioneer the use of coconut shell, sea shell and terrazzo among others as unique finishes for his furniture. Carlo’s innovative adaptation of coconut shell has become synonymous with innovation in ways never conceived of before.

Supported by his factory in rural Tabanan and his team of highly skilled artisans, Carlo spent years creating sophisticated furniture and decorative pieces for the niche market of prestigious resorts, private residences and super-yacht throughout the world. His client list includes all the high flyers in luxury hospitality, such as the Aman Resorts, Le Cheval Blanc and the Park Hyatt worldwide to name a few.

However, after years of dealing with architects and interior consultants on an appointment basis only, Carlo decided it was time to expand and give individual buyers the opportunity to access his exclusive pieces. Carlo Showroom was launched in 2004. It is a well appointed space located in Sanur which showcases an extensive range of furniture collections defined by unusual and aesthetic designs and finishes.

With an experience that now spans longer than three decades, Carlo Pessina is seen as a visionary who single-handedly took on the challenge to expose the detailed beauty and durability of tropical resources to a worldwide audience.


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