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Ku Casa was founded in 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The inspiration for our design is the 'golden age' of modernism from the 1950's through to the post modernism of the 1980's. Our simple forms ooze quiet luxury with the use of rich material palettes creating true classics. It is our passion to create furniture that is infused with a bespoke quality, while using only the best and most beautiful materials. 

We believe in quality, all our products are not mass produced, they are handcrafted, we take the time to ensure every detail is carefully finished with dedication. We focus on using gorgeous natural timbers, stone and metal and rejoicing in the tension when they come together in unison. Material and finish selections are an integral part of every Ku Casa piece. Our Classic and Luxe Palettes allow you to customize your selection to your unique requirements.

 All our finishes have been carefully selected for their natural beauty, finish and of course without compromise. The inherent beauty and exquisite finish of every Ku Casa piece, will inspire you to create truly beautiful interiors. Best of all, as each of our pieces are thoughtfully designed to transcend fashion, they will endure and last a lifetime.

Ari Sanjaya

Ari Sanjaya

CEO and Founder

Ari, singer, songwriter and news anchor on NET TV news, is driven by passion for every endeavor that he takes on.


It is with his entrenapureal spirit and enthusiasm that he has driven the inception of Ku Casa. Born of a merchant family, Ari started his first business in 2005 by opening the successful Allure Spa which he sold after just 2 years. He then conceived an entertainment and events management business, which ran until 2010.


It was while working on several projects for the procurement of the amenities for several luxury resort hotels in Bali, that Ari and Interior Designer Laurence Howell met. It was a pivotal moment with their realization of similar vision of creating what would become Ku Casa in 2012. 


A keen desire to deepen his knowledge of furniture production techniques, Ari strives to ensure Ku Casa’s production excellence. This fires his ongoing passion for the brand and its unique positioning in the Indonesian market.


The multi talented Ari Sanjaya’s ultimate goal is that Ku Casa would become an Indonesian Furniture Brand that is Internationally renown for its Modern Beauty, Quality and a Lifestyle experience.


Cabinet 1.4
Brass Rod Side Table
Side Table 1.4
Coffee Table Brass 1.3
Credenza 1.3
Daybed 1.5
Dining Table 2.2
Dining Table 1.4
Dining Table 2.1