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  •   Jln. Boulevard Barat Raya Blok LC 6/33-34 Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara, 14240, Indonesia.
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Galeri Canna was established in Jakarta in 2001 to promote Indonesian art in general. After 2004, it started to promote contemporary visual arts that just been blossoming in the region of South East Asia.

In its early development, along with the growth of the new aesthetic ideas among the artists, influenced by the global contemporary arts network, Galeri Canna has exhibited artists with interesting approach and strong aesthetic vision and using fresh visual imagery and language. The exhibition by young artists, from the unknown field and been marginalized from the mainstream, that shows unique visual artistic experiments, had been held quite often in Galeri Canna. Galeri Canna also sees the importance of art in developing a health and mature social life, so we are encouraging artists to create art work that based on the idea on tolerance and openness.

While doing the effort to sow the field for the young artists, at the same time Galeri Canna aims to promote works and ideas from the established artists in Indonesia so that they could be put in global contemporary art map. In order to gain this, Galeri Canna actively joins the art event promotions such as exhibitions and international art fairs, for example Sh Contemporary, China International Gallery Exhibition, Art Miami, Art Paris, Art Taipei and Many Others. In Indonesia, Galeri Canna also participate to build private infrastructure for the development of contemporary world.

Tommy Sutomo

Tommy Sutomo


Tommy Sutomo is the founder of Canna Gallery in 2001, origination from his passion of collecting art since his youth. His infatuation with the world started in 1993 when his brother, Syamsul, and his sister-in-law, Anita, had first introduced him to paintings. Afterwards, Tommy began a self-made tour towards every art galleries not just in Jakarta but also around Indonesia. Since then, Tommy began to collect various paintings from all the artists that he had visited, starting from Balinese painters and then transcends beyond to Yogyakarta then China.

Tommy’s principles as a gallery owner is to have a deep sensitivity and expertise to truly understand a work of art. In his first years of directing Canna Gallery, he came to learn all the decent paintings that are to be exhibited in the gallery. As such, he develops the ability to recognize a painting from different eras of time and from this on, he began to view the value of artworks in terms of financial investments.

Despite that, Tommy desires the existence of a gallery that can be used as a fair moderator between artists and art lovers. There are times when the gallery provides an opportunity for young artists to show their work to the public. However, this opportunity should also be used by artists to create an even better works.

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