CG Artspace

  •   Plaza Indonesia Level 3 #56, Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta Pusat, 10350, Indonesia.
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CG Fine Art has a mission of being one of Indonesia’s main sources for contemporary art world. Constantly seeking to promote Indonesia’s artists who have developed a consistent vocabulary of form that is well crafted and original. The artists stand out for their technical talent, poetic, insight and aesthetic to convey an inner world of imagination and inspiration.

Their vision is to be the bridge for art community of the art lovers, artists, gallery owner, art dealer, curator and art journalists who joined in events of Fine Art Exhibitions, art works selling and rental art talk show, and so on. Most of their products came in form of painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, etching and also sketches on paper by emerging and talented Indonesian artists.

Christiana Gouw

Christiana Gouw

Owner and Director

Christiana Gouw is the owner and director of her gallery, CG Artspace where she often showcses newly emerged Indonesian artists to promote their works. For twelve years, she had been collecting artworks and decided to opened a gallery as a means to place all the artworks that she had accumulated over the years.

When Christiana started her gallery, she was the first to see the potential of a mall as a place for the gallery to reach out. Plaza Indonesia was a natural choice, easily accessible for both the general public and the hotel guests at the Grand Hyatt hotel, to which the mall is physically connected.

Initially located in a small lot, she soon moved to a larger and more strategic place in the mall, showcasing ever younger and more talented Indonesian artists, and focusing on contemporary works accessible to a public yet to become familiar with contemporary art.

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