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    Jl. Kemang Selatan 99 a, Jakarta 12730, Indonesia

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Dia.lo.gue is a public artspace that aims to foster dialogue or conversation between people, the arts and design. This ethos is reflected in our name, translated in local Betawi language as ‘He/She – You – Me’, and in our logogram, which can be interpreted as individuals of many different characters, ages and personalities. Our intention is to inclusively embrace the community to create real dialogue between artists and designers and the general public. Indeed, a gallery cannot succeed without such support and interaction of these elements.


Dia.lo.gue artspace exhibits all types of media expression including paintings, video, alternative sculpture, paper and other mediums. In line with our philosophy that art and design should be an integral part of life, not only an exhibition but also cultural events are held involving local communities. Variety of merchandises by home-grown talents are displayed for sale at Dia.lo.gue shop. Some products are limited and uniquely designed which are not easily found elsewhere, collectible stationary, merchandises, workspace products, home accessories, artworks, toys and many more.

Dia.lo.gue was designed by one of prominent Indonesia’s architects, Andra Matin. The use of wood, bare wall and plenty of windows were intended to create an organic feel and bring nature lights inside as much as possible to give warmth and serene atmosphere. Dia.lo.gue’s artspace is a place to hang out, browse, chat, dialogue with others in the industry, or simply find inspiration in the rotating exhibits.

Hermawan Tanzil

Hermawan Tanzil

Owner and Designer

With over 20 years of professional experience and multitude of personal projects under his belt, Hermawan Tanzil has become a force in the design scene in Jakarta. His interest in design had developed from the young age, immersing himself in the world of arts through art exhibitions, theatre and family influences in printing and graphic design. His unequivocal passion brought him to the United States to study at the California College of Arts and Crafts (now California College of the Arts) in San Francisco’s Bay Area.

Hermawan believes one of the more pervasive problems of the local art scene lies in the lack of art appreciation and education among Indonesians — although he conceded that more people have started to embrace this world.

Artwork Showcase

LIFE FORCE : Terrain No.234
LIFE FORCE II : an installation
LIFE FORCE : Courage | Take Two
LIFE FORCE : Dormant
LIFE FORCE : Ricochet II
LIFE FORCE : Terrain No.10
LIFE FORCE : Terrain No.11
LIFE FORCE : Terrain No.12
LIFE FORCE : Terrain No.5
Navigating The Landscape of Loss and Grief


Lie Fhung

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