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    Jl. Suryodiningratan No. 37, Yogyakarta 55141 Indonesia

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The sister gallery to Langgeng Gallery, one of the top galleries in Indonesia, Equator Art Projects aims to be a platform for art that is intelligent, sensuous, and “of-this-moment”, regardless the medium. The gallery represents a core group of acclaimed Indonesian artists such as Arahmaiani, Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo, Bambang 'Toko' Witjaksono, Indieguerillas, J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra, S. Teddy D. and Uji 'Hahan' Handoko Eko Saputro. Equator Art Projects also shows the works of emerging and mid-career artists from Singapore and the Philippines such as, Nikki Luna, Sherman Sam, Willy Tay, Maria Jeona Zoleta. The gallery seeks to contribute to the study of Southeast Asian art history through its extensive program of exhibitions, talks and publications.

Deddy Irianto

Deddy Irianto


In Indonesian art development, Deddy Irianto takes a special place. Not only because he has a gallery in Central Java and another in the center of the Indonesian capital, but more so because he operates out of an inner drive—a personal passion for art and the promotion of artists. A graduate of finance management from California State University, Los Angeles, he combines a twist for “young” art with his training as a financial consultant and tobacco grader with an ease that none of these three branches would suggest.

According to Deddy, art players must change their attitudes, as they—though maybe unknowingly— contribute to the fall of the art market if they keep buying the works of just followers, imitators. International galleries and collectors have long-term plans; they have good knowledge of the history of art and the art works and rarely go by “hearsay” quality. Long-term planning and strategizing, working structurally should be the key words to success. 

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