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    Jl. Suryo No.49, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12180

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RUCI is an artspace that aims to cultivate the rising awareness of art in Indonesia’s evolving culture. Our name is taken from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the source of light’ and ‘taste’ or ‘pleasure’ that reflects our ambitions to share the works and knowledge of the creative communities. We aim to create a platform between artists and the public by providing a space to experiment, develop, and transform ideas into representative symbols and objects. Together we can contribute to our cultural identity that best reflect today’s generation.

RUCI artspace exhibits a variety of mediums of expressions, which includes new media, painting, photography, sculpture, video and others. In line with our mission, which is the transferring of visual, theoretical, or practical knowledge, we enquire the creation of a research book from artists that participate in our solo exhibitions. Its purpose is to document the creation process of artworks. The research book will be RUCI’s attempt to providing a comprehensive archive of artists work.

Melin Merril

Melin Merril


Melin Merril is the director of Ruci Art Space since 2014. According to her philosophy, she believes that serving works of young contemporary art collectors is the first step of collecting artworks. Not only for exhibiting artifacts, but she wants to show what the depth of vision is in a work of art, hoping for the audience to catch the essence inside the artwork and also make an inspiration out of it.  

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