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    Jl. Bukit Pakar Timur No.100, Bandung, 40198, West Java, Indonesia

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Selasar Sunaryo Art Space (SSAS) is a space and a non-profit organization that aims to support the development and assessment practices of art and visual culture in Indonesia. Founded in 1998 by Sunaryo, SSAS actively organize activities that are oriented to public education. Under the guidance and support of the Foundation Selasar Sunaryo, SSAS main focus is on the implementation of programs of contemporary art, through exhibitions, discussions, residency and workshop.

As a cultural center, SSAS conducting activities related to other art disciplines such as design, crafts, performing arts, literature, architecture, and so forth. Beside displaying the permanent collection, SSAS also organizes exhibitions featuring single or collective works of the young artists and seniors, from Indonesia and overseas.

All kinds of activities in SSAS-include children's programs, music concerts, theater shows, film screenings, literary readings, lectures and other events that are designed under the direction of Curatorial Advisory Council consisting of academics, critics and practitioners of the art. SSAS also take part in an international network of contemporary art through cooperation with various institutions abroad.




Founder of the gallery, Sunaryo was born in Banyumas, Central Java May 15, 1943. He actively handles many exhibitions on both outside and inside Indonesia since 1970. With his educational background in Fine Arts Faculty Bandung Institute of Technology (1962-1969) and studied in Marble Statue Marble Technology in Carrara, Italy, Sunaryo had received numerous art awards and his works are scattered in various cities in Indonesia. He participates in the planning of aesthetic elements to the pavilion in the Expo'85 in Tsakuba Indonesia, Japan (1985), as well as being the coordinator of aesthetic elements to the pavilion Indonesia in Expo'86 in Vancouver, Canada (1986).

Sunaryo always wanted to bring something new in himself, and something new that could be conditioned through the site where it is located. He dreams of a public place where there is interaction between artists and audiences. In 1995, he made his dream come true as he opened the museum that he dubs as Selasar Sunaryo Art Space.

For him, art has a social responsibility because he was born through a social process as well. He wants communion, mingle, presenting the works of art and thoughts and musings about everything that is around us. Thus, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space was a container to hold bubbling creativity of art, especially contemporary art. As the name implies, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space is a public space for a variety of artistic expression.

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