kisah/ki•sah/ n cerita tentang kejadian (riwayat dan sebagainya) dalam kehidupan seseorang dan sebagainya; kejadian (riwayat dan sebagainya); .

"KISAH" (story), as #ICAD2018 theme can talk about a variety of possibilities, but it can also be an event of certainty or not even both. It can be poured into thoughts or track records of the artists’ and designers’ experience in their work process. Art / design works will be presented as the way of expressing thought, fluctuating feelings or emotional interaction between artists, designers and their work. .

"KISAH" (story) contains a journey that gives the meaning of #ICAD itself. Those who come and go will bring and leave their own stories. It doesn't have to be the same, because that is freedom of taste and sensitivity. That difference makes the reason why the STORY will always be remembered.

What's your story? Discover it from October 18, 2018 at @grandkemangJKT!

#ICAD9KISAH #comingsoon #savethedate


  •   Grand Kemang, Jakarta
  •  18 Oct 2018 - 30 Nov 2018

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